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Mission and Vision Statement


The mission of Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy No. 4 is to operate a small high performance middle school that prepares all students to successfully culminate from middle grades and enter high school, and ultimately enter and succeed in college. Moreover, ACRMA4 students will develop resilient character and strong critical thinking/collaborative skills. These skills will create college-ready, socially responsible, and globally minded citizens that are an integral part of the community and beyond.


The vision of Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy No. 4 is to provide a highly accountable model of innovation with highly effective teachers guided by core principles that are based on what research has shown to be best educational practices and to serve as a research and development model for the District and other public schools.

ACRMA4 will consistently demonstrate student readiness for high school with a high success rate in student proficiency on state content/common core standards; continuous progress towards 100 percent success rate in meeting middle grade culmination requirements; continued student attendance rates of 95 percent; and achieving a 100 percent success rate of students enrolled for at least three years who will culminate ready to successfully enter high school with a focus on college-preparation.