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Uniform Policy

Student Uniform Policy

·      Uniform items, including pants, must be no more than one size smaller/larger than the student’s regular clothing size.

·      Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

·      White, black, brown, or grey tennis shoes and laces only (no open-toe shoes or boots permitted).

·      Plain, solid black or brown belts only (no initialed belt buckles or designs allowed).

·      Earrings, such as studs or small hoops, are acceptable.

·      The following items are NOT PERMITTED:

    • Make-up
    • Nail polish of any color
    • Acrylic nails
    • Accessories (including hats, bandanas, and beanies)
    • Handbags/ purses
    • Unnatural hair color or design
    • Large jewelry pieces
  • Attire that may be a distraction will not be allowed.  Distracting attire includes but is not limited to: tight fitting clothing, short or revealing clothing, excessive and/or large pieces of jewelry, and hair that may be of any unnatural color.


ONLY the following items are permitted:                                                                                  

  • Collared shirt with the college-ready logo
    • 6th grade: Gray
    • 7th grade: Navy Blue
    • 8th grade: Maroon
  • Khaki pants, shorts, and shorts, measuring no more than 3 inches above the knee (skinny or fitted pants, tights, and leggings of any kind are not allowed)
  • Black or grey sweater with ACRMA #4/ Alliance logo
  • Plain white /black or PE undershirt


On Fridays, students may wear college shirts and/or sweatshirts as well as ACRMA4 club/team shirts along with regular uniform pants. Students may also wear ACRMA4 club/team shirts on other days approved by the principal, such as the days of club/team events and field trips.